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Bottom Boys
Bottom Boys: Open Wide - Gay DVD

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

If you’ve got an empty hole then this group of ass-hungry twinks will be more than willing to stretch it to the limit, filling it up with their aching, uncut shafts. A point that’s proved here time and time again by Johnny Hunter and Damien Dickey.

Description / Review:
Scene 1 - Johnny Hunter & Chris Cool

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

Hunter by name, Hunter by nature – Johnny knows exactly how to catch hot cock, and there’s no disguising his delight when he finds himself hitched up with the disgustingly gorgeous Chris Cool. Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest here, there’s neither of these bleach-blond guys that you would give the kiss-off in a hurry, so it’s really little wonder that the two chaps are soon engaged in the sort of cock-slurping, ass-tingling action that we all know lads their age pretty much live for. Hunter himself isn’t really content, however, until his hungry little ass is playing host to Cool’s fabulously thick, uncircumcised shaft, taking the meat in pretty much every position imaginable in the process. Little wonder, then, that the boy’s balls are soon bubbling with a generous deposit of juicy baby-batter, which (like Cool’s own load) gets splattered over his smooth, six-packed belly. In short, an almost divine escapade that’ll grab you by the balls and push you right over the edge!

Scene 2 -
Rusty Bruckner & Tony Pike

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

We’ve long since come to the conclusion that no-one actually works in the Czech Republic – after all, the moment any young guy makes an appearance in a factory or workshop you can be sure he’s copping off with some other horny dude rather than engaging in toil or labour. It’s a belief that this particular set-piece is going to do precious little to dispel, as curly-haired Rusty Bruckner and the curiously paw-mark tattooed Tony Pike make the most of their timber-mill encounter to do the sort of wood-chopping that most of us would always prefer to see! There’s certainly nothing unpolished about these two beauties, whose pitch-perfect forms seem to complement each other flawlessly as they take turns to feverishly gobble on each other’s meaty, aching ramrods. Finally, Bruckner parts his legs to expose his delightfully tight little hole – an act that Pike takes full advantage of. Needless to report, it’s no time at all before both boys are filling the timber-yard with the unmistakable musk of fresh spunk!

Scene 3 - Nick Klein & Chris Clark

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

A scene that offers something for everyone, guys. Fans of bleach-blond twinks will be more than satisfied with the appearance of Chris Clark – a cute young fair-head, with the sort of thick, meaty knob that is bound to draw attention – whilst those who like their boys to be brunets can salivate over Nick Klein, whose appetite for cock appears nicely paralleled by that of his paler compatriot. As a result, the two youngsters find themselves almost fighting for the privilege of getting man-meat stuffed deep up their arse-hole, with Klein eventually winning the tussle – Clark’s ramrod poking between Klein’s hungry cheeks with undeniable gusto. It’s only fair, however, that the favour is ultimately returned, as the two boys promptly flip-flop on the sofa and Klein gives Clark’s pucker the sort of vigorous stretching that it no doubt deserves. The result? An unsurprising vigorous eruption from both lads, which leaves Clark’s black tee-shirt nicely stained with thick globs of fresh, creamy nad-juice.

Scene 4 - Marian Berman & David Haddon

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

Fresh-faced and bushy-tailed, young Marian Berman might look the sort of guy who doesn’t really know what to do with hard cock when it’s thrust in his direction – but it doesn’t take very long for this blistering encounter to quickly dismiss such an idle assumption, with the title “Open Wide” proving a very apt description of the methods he adopts. First he proceeds to swallow Haddon with his mouth with such gusto that his friend’s cock-head must surely be halfway down his throat in the process. Then he rather eagerly parts his legs to enable Haddon to bury that beefy shaft of his so deep in his ass that you almost half-expect the crown of his pal’s shaft to make an appearance at the other end of his body! In the end, no such impossible extremes ever occur – thank goodness! – but that’s not to detract from this young man’s energetic display, which is eventually concluded by him taking a generous mouthful of spunk courtesy of Berman’s exploding eye-hole.

Scene 5: Dick-Crazy Youngster Savours Every Inch Of His Mate's Swollen, King-Sized Cock !

Starring: Nicolas Angello & Mark Moby
Also available: Extra Inches (2 DVD set)

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

The moment these two youngsters appear on screen you sort of immediately sense where it’s all gonna lead. Nicolas Angello, after all, is the shorter and leaner of the two lads; whilst Mark Moby for his part has the sort of undeniable air of dominance about him that it’s pretty much inevitable that he’s gonna be acting as top and calling the shots. An impression that’s only underlined when Angello unzips his pal’s jeans to reveal the kind of king-sized cock that’s literally screaming out for adoration. Little wonder, then, that Angello’s mouth is soon firmly wrapped around the monster, sucking every inch of flesh like his little life depends on it. A sentiment that’s echoed by Angello’s bubble-butt, which is soon homing in on the swollen trouser-snake and swallowing it with similar gusto, cowboy-style. What follows is a veritable masterclass, as the youngster rides Moby’s whale-sized pecker; before both lads squirt copious sprays of jizz from their heavy, pent-up balls. Geez, you can almost smell the scent from here!

Scene 6 - Damian Dickey

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

The leading star of such hits as BUTTFUCKING BMX BOYS, PISS MY CUM AWAY and RAW SPEED, Damian Dickey proves his inimitable worth once again in this wanton solo – during the course of which he not only displays the talents of that thick, uncut shaft that he keeps in his shorts (though never for very long!) but also the hungry little butt-hole that he provocatively fingers for the camera. If that doesn’t get you into an orgasmic frenzy then we seriously wonder whether gay porn is really your sort of thing; but something tells us that the sight of this fabulous young twink strutting his stuff will be more than enough to get you reaching for your cock and unloading a appreciative load of cum!

Scene 7 - Chris Cool

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

Having already displayed his enviable talents in the company of the legendary Johnny Hunter in the opening scene, blond wonder-boy, Chris Cool – the star of BAREBACK MONSTER COCKS, BASEMENT BUTT FUCK and FRAT BOY FUCKFEST – hereby proves that he’s more than capable of holding an audience’s attention by means of his own talents alone. Of course, he’s a young man with every possible advantage: a lithe, handsome frame, a winsome, camera-winning smile and the sort of noble, uncut buttpicker that surely deserves some sort of prize. As such we’ve no doubt in our minds that this perverse little display will be more than sufficient to get you working your own shaft into a sticky, spermy frenzy.

Scene 8 - George Michael

Bottom Boys, Open Wide

He might not be a famous pop star – as is the case with his namesake – but there’s no questioning the fact that this young pup is more than worthy of popular acclaim in his own right. The star of such classics as WET DREAM, BARE WITNESS and CUM HUNGRY SPUNK DUMP – not to mention an array of flicks for other studios – Michael is a whore in every sense of the word, with the sort of cock that'll have you drooling in ecstasy as he pleasures himself towards a snarl-lipped, knuckle-bound climax. This boy (and we use that word in the very loosest of terms) will have you doing pretty much the same in five minutes flat – pretty much the same time it takes him to dump a fine blast of ball-snot!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 117 mins, Year: 2009

Price: Around £15*

Starring: Levis Grant, Johan Volny, Marco Bill, Chris Cool, Lukas Leung, Ari Black, Joy Cole

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Bottom Boys

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Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Bottom Boys, Dr Dick

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Also available from Bottom Boys: Tooled Up Twinks
Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Horny twinks with massive dicks stop working and start servicing each other, licking, kissing and sucking like the rampant bottom boys they are. Having their butts stretched open by huge cocks as they slide ever deeper into them, making the stunning smooth boys moan and groan in sheer pleasure.

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