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Helix Studios
Helix Studios: Sports - Gay DVD

Helix Studios, Sports

Sports always get the blood pumpin’, to ALL the right places; and, this perv-perfect stockpile of sexy scenes is no exception! This perfect Helix twink DVD knocks it out of the park, with horny coaches serving’ up cock, and getting dirty in the dugout, to joggers on the hunt for hot jocks in the park, baseball boys banging beautiful bubble butts, and more. These juicy jocks, and team playing twink’s hit home runs in every scene, with sex so scalding hot, you can almost smell their dude-sweaty jockstraps!

Scene 1: Last Chance

Cast: Ashton Summers, Jordan Lake

Helix Studios, Sports

Jordan Lake is graduating so he knows this baseball practice is the last chance to see his crush, coach Ashton Summers. So he goes for it! He takes a chance and kisses coach; and, much to his sweaty, horny surprise, coach Summers kisses him back! Soon enough, the tasty twink is back at Ashton’s place, where coach can’t keep his hands off Jordan’s ass. The kissing continues as coach strips the boy down, grabbing ample handfuls of the dude’s jockstrap clad can. You can see Summers swollen shaft through his tight pants; and, when he unzips, Lake falls to his knees. After an incredible knob job, coach Summers spins the baseball boy around, and tongue fucks his fine ass.

Once wet and ready, the tatted latin slips his schlong inside and gets to work, teaching the twink what a real fuck is. He balls the boy doggy, then, on his back; and for the fucktastic finale, he pile drives dick down into the ball players hot, little hole. The scalding latin fuck rhythm causes our beautiful bottom to bust, coating himself with his own cream up past his pretty pink nips. The sight sends Summers over the edge, and he paints the guy with a glorious load of goo..... absolutely EVERYWHERE!

Scene 2: Our Own Thing

Cast: Seth Peterson, Brett Daniels

Helix Studios, Sports

exy Seth Peterson is out for a jog in the park, when he spies beautiful Brett Daniels. He saunters up to the delicious dirty blond and gets his flirt on. Daniels is down, and suggests they go for a run together; and, that little jaunt leads them right to the house where things get hot and heavy! After a sweaty make out sesh, pretty boy Peterson gets down on his knees, and pounds Penis down his throat. Daniels gives him a helping hand to the back of the head, before making a meal out of Peterson’s piece. Then, thirsty boy Seth spins him around and eats that ass. After he’s had his fill, Peterson plunges his cock deep in Daniels’ derrière and delivers a devastatingly delicious dicking in doggy. Always a team player, Seth asks the boy if he can take a ride himself. Naturall, Brett has no objections, and our boy puts a hot hurtin’ on him while bouncing that beautiful bubble butt.

The juicy joggers switch it up once again, and Brett gets banged out on his back, as he strokes that supersized schlong of his. Seth smashes the sexpot till he spills succulent seed all over his smooth, shredded torso. Our boy brings it home by hosing Daniels' freshly dicked hole with hot seed, then crams that cock right back in, adding a few more strokes for good measure.

Scene 3: #1 Fan

Cast: Josh Brady, Brett Daniels

Helix Studios, Sports

Super jock, Josh Brady just finishes batting practice, and is happy to see his twink boyfriend, Brett Daniels made it to watch. The dirty blond twink wastes no time, asking his hot, sweaty bf if he’d like to hit the showers. In the locker room, kinky twink, Brett tells his man to, “keep the uniform on.” Brady looks boiling hot, all wet in his baseball gear, and Daniels can’t resist palming that perfect piece. He makes his way down to Josh’s crotch, where you can spot his raging hard-on through his soaked ball pants a mile away. Daniels unzips, and sees that his guy’s hog is so hard it’s jutting right out of his jockstrap! He goes in, and goes deep, working his dude’s dick with some world class head.

After the sizzling shower, the boys hit the bedroom, where Brett gets his bottom eaten like a tasty snack. Once brawny Brady gets his boy loosened up, he takes him on a ride, ramming his hot boy hips up hard, while spreading Brett’s perfectly smooth, peaches and cream cheeks. Next, our top man orders his twink onto his back, where he delivers a devastatingly good banging, that’s met with mighty moans of pleasure. Brady can’t hold back! He glazes his guy’s entire ass like a delicious donut, then rubs, and pushes the lusty liquid right into Brett’s beautiful butt hole. Perfection!

Scene 4: Soccer Practice

Cast: Josh Brady, Luca Ambrose

Helix Studios, Sports

Hot jock Josh Brady, and lusty latin twink Luca Ambrose spend the day at the park practicing for their big soccer game coming up. Brady has had his eye on Ambrose for a while, and teases the twink by taking his shirt off. Luca gets a good look and decides to show the hot stud his tight body as well. The more the boys practice the closer they get, and by the time they get home they’re lip locked and ready for a sweaty session!

After tearing away from brawny Brady’s lips, Luca goes down to check out that swinging dick he’s been spying all day. Josh whips his sweaty shorts and briefs down, and out pounces his perfect pounder. Ambrose eats dick like no tomorrow, before Brady bends him over on the bed, and licks the boy’s smooth, bronze bottom with a horny hunger he’s been working up all day.

Our twink can’t take it anymore, and asks straight out for a fucking. Brady stands up and gets down to business, nearly breaking the taut twink in two. After some delicious doggy, Josh orders Ambrose on top of him for the ride of his life. The beautiful bottom bounces like it’s his birthday while Josh cups his cakes. Luca lays into his extra large lance, and pumps it to the perfect spurting, spunky orgasm that oozes all over beefy Brady. The warm, thick load coating his torso sends tingles down to his cock, and he explodes up inside Ambrose’s epic ass. But that’s not all! He keeps cumming once out, AND glazes the gorgeous guy’s glutes with even more spicy spunk! Luca's latin bottom is left coated in cum, inside and out, while a big, oozy drop dangles from his hot hole. GOAL!!!

Scene 5: What's My Time

Cast: Josh Brady, Aaron Roberts

Helix Studios, Sports

Track star, josh Brady is running in the park, with boyfriend Aaron Roberts timing him. The hot, sweaty jock shaved almost a minute off his time, and wants to go again. But, his too cute twink bf convinces him otherwise; and, soon enough, the guys are back at the house making out as clothes fall to the floor. Brady manhandles Roberts hot rump, just before the boy falls to the floor to dine on some dick. Jock boy Josh whips his underwear down, and his already hard cock jumps out, smacking him on his epic abs with a loud slap. Then, Aaron goes in for the kill. He sucks Brady’s beef till it gleams with his back arched, tempting josh like a pro. Josh succumbs, and sucks Roberts hot rod like a hungry boy, before going ham on that hind end with his tongue, as he spreads the boy's ample ass wide open. He plays with the twink’s pucker with his thumb before turning him over, and cramming his colossal cock in that ass.

Aaron takes every thick inch on his back, side, AND all fours while stroking his own hard dick. Our infamous cock cam catches the money shot from underneath, as both boys blow at the same time! Brady busts slight seconds before, inside Aaron’s epic ass, and the warm sensation sends spermy signals to the twink who blasts as Josh pulls out, oozing jizz all over our bottom’s twitching tunnel. Brady thumbs the twink’s cum filled cream pie, then kisses his dirty blond bf full on the lips for a job well done.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 125 mins, Year: 2022

Price: Around £32 / €40*

Starring: Josh Brady, Ashton Summers, Aaron Roberts, Seth Peterson, Jordan Lake, Brett Daniels, Luca Ambrose

Director: Max Carter

Studio: Helix Studios

Buy DVDs online at:, Homoactive and Radvideo (USA)

Video On Demand: Helix Studios, Member site:

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Helix Studios,  Stealing Hearts

Chase Williams decides to take his hot, horny buddies to his home town of Austin Texas; and, it turns into some tasty, triple twink trouble in the biggest, and best of ways! With a spicy mix of Williams’ hometown homies, and some ass- hungry, new acquaintances, the boys make the meat-banging most of this guy’s trip. Friends fuck, hearts are broke, then mended, and all along the wild way, a thrusty threesome, and hot bodied hijinks with some of your fan fav fuck stars!

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