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Bare Films
Bare Films: Score - Gay DVD

Bare Films, Bare Score

STAXUS exclusives, Jack Cameron, Rudy Valentino and Tim Law, take to the pitch for a cock-achingly stupendous session of top-notch bare ball action that’ll have you knocking load after load into the back of the net! From a jockstrap-sniffing foursome to a pool-table threeway, these young horny sluts know that the action that counts is the ass-stretching, face-splattering fornication which follows every game. Team-bonding has never looked so good – or been so fuckin’ raw and dirty!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Cute Twinks’ Locker Room Four-Way Fuck-Fest!

Cast: Aslan Brutti, Mickey Moon, Tim Law &
Jack Hammer
Also available: Let's Play With Tim Law (Compilation)

Bare Films, Bare Score

Changing rooms can be real horny places – after all, where else do you get such intensity of sweat and testosterone? So it’s little wonder that STAXUS exclusive, Tim Law, is overcome when he finds himself surrounding by football shirts and boots. Law is a smooth, barely-legal looking boy babe who (as quickly becomes apparent) loves a cock in his mouth and a cock up his arse. In short, he just can’t get enough man-meat to satisfy his craving for dick. So it’s perhaps a dream-cum-true when his jock-sniffing antics are interrupted by the arrival of Aslan Brutti, his super-sexy buff teammate.

It certainly doesn’t take many moments before Law’s lips are hanging off Brutti’s super-sized knob; and the arrival of Jack Hammer and Michael Moon onto the scene merely makes the young twink’s predicament all the more intense. Needless to say it’s no time at all before there’s a super hot locker-room foursome underway, with a fabulous display of dick slurping and cock riding ensuing. Chances are you’ll be totally drained of jizz by the time the lads partake in a stupendous daisy-chain fuck; but the sight of Law taking two sticky facials will surely drive you over the edge!

Scene 2: Boot-Sniffing Jizz-Shooting Post-Match Fuck!

Cast: Leon Weber, George Bona
Also available: Fucking Footballers (6 Scene Compilation)

Bare Films, Bare Score

There’s nothing quite like watching a young twink take a shower to cool down once the game’s over and it’s time to freshen up – or so young Leon Weber evidently thinks when he steps into the bathroom to find George Bona soaping himself down in the tub. Why, before you know it Weber is sniffing Bona’s soccer shorts and having a good old-fashioned wank, fantasising no doubt about chilling out by sucking dick, riding a stuff pole and taking a load in the face as he does so! It’s certainly a dream that appears to act as a potent motivator, that’s for sure, as the boys promptly couple up for a hot, sweaty cock-sucking session that’ll almost certainly get you in the mood.

Indeed, by the time these two smooth buff young studs are fucking – Bona plonking himself down on his team-mate’s lap, allowing Weber’s meaty uncut shaft to dig deep into his ass – there’s a distinct possibility that you’ll be working yourself towards a jockstrap-inspired climax. Certainly it’s not very long before these two lads are reaching the point of no return, dumping generous loads of pent-up jizz in all directions. A definite must-must-see for you kit-loving groupies!

Scene 3: Physio Jock-Sniffing Deep-Muscle Massage Goes All The Way!

Cast: Mickey Moon, Paul Cube, Rudy Haller
Also available: Ride It Big (Gay Compilation)
Also available: Eager Butt Playroom (Compilation)

Bare Films, Bare Score

Physical injury is the greatest threat to any would-be footballer’s career, so it always pays for a player to have a good relationship with the team’s Physio. Whether you should be quite as intimate as these two guys, however, is a professional quandary that we’ll leave you to ponder on. Suffice it to say that Paul Cube is only too willing and eager to give Michael Moon a serious deep-crotch massage whilst the smooth dark-haired boy wonder gets high by sniffing away on one of the team’s used jockstraps.

Bare Films, Bare Score

The atmosphere in the Physio Room is certainly electric as these two cuties savour some serious cock-sucking antics together – but it gets even more intense when Rudy Haller stumbles upon the horny pair and proceeds to take full advantage by thrusting his aching ramrod into Moon’s mouth. Events quickly unfold from this point on, with Moon soon laid out prostrate over the massage bench so that he can be spit-roasted raw by his team-mates – a development that’ll not go unappreciated by yourselves. The ultimate highlight though is when Haller and Cube spurt all over Moon’s face – a fabulous cum-facial that’ll undoubtedly have you banging out one of your own!

Scene 4: Cute Twink Gets His Ass-Hole Stretched & Pumped To The Max!

Cast: Jack Rider, Rudy Valentino, Tim Law
Also available: Spunk Lovin' Spit Roasters 3 (Compilation)

Bare Films, Bare Score

You like cute, barely-legal looking boys in football strips and jockstraps? If the answer to that question is yes – and why shouldn’t it be?! – then you’re in for a treat with this trip of cock-crazed felons. STAXUS exclusive, Tim Law, looks particularly stunning in nothing but a red jockstrap; whilst Jack Rider and Rudy Valentino (dressed in full kit) are clearly totally overcome by the fellow, and are soon making the most of the opportunity by stripping the twink of his last vested remains of respectability so that they can suck his young uncut knob. Not that a bit of fellatio is ever gonna satisfy this pair of over-sexed punks.

The fact is that neither of these boys will be happy until they’ve each taken turns to thrust one raw cock up his ass and another down his throat. Seems like it’s their lucky day then, as Law is soon taking their butt-puckers from every direction, proving once again just what a complete cock-slut he is in the process. It’s no real wonder that neither Valentino or Rider are able to hold themselves back for very long, and before you know it Law is down on his knees taking spunk from both boys. Leaving the young bottom to dump a load of his own in response!

Scene 5: Horny Jock Takes A Cock, A Billiard Ball And A Cue Up His Arse!

Cast: Jack Cameron, Jack Rider & Alex Master
Also available: Wider and Wider (2 DVD compilation)
Also available: Sporting Monsters (2 DVD Compilation)
Also available: Super Buddies Love To Cum

Bare Films, Bare Score

Any scene that includes the absolute gorgeous STAXUS exclusive, Jack Cameron, and his lovely fat cock is almost inevitable destined to be a winner, but add a bit of kink into the mix and you’re awarded with a scene that’s truly unforgettable. Jack Rider is Cameron’s partner in crime, as the two twinks take the opportunity to play a somewhat unorthodox game of pool that involves Alex Master’s pert ass pocketing the cue and some of the balls! Not to be outdone, Rider gets his arse coated in beer, which Cameron and Masters lick up with their tongues.

No doubt about it, this is a scene with a distinct kink – somewhat different to your usual Czech twink escapades and one that we just know you’re gonna love big time! Needless to report it isn’t very long at all before Master is laid back out on the table, facing upwards, with Cameron and Rider’s handsomely uncut cocks bountifully dumping the entire contents of their balls (or so it seems!) all over his sweet face. It’s a defilement of the utmost order, and one that we just know you’re gonna love big time. Suffice it to say that no billiard balls were harmed (or lost!) in the making of this perverse escapade!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult / Bareback Sex, Bareback Youth

Running Time: 108 mins, Year: 2008

Price: Around £15*

Starring: Tim Law, Aslan Brutty, Jack Harrer, Leon Weber, George Bona, Paul Cube, Rudy Haller, Michael Moon, Rudy Valentine, Jack Rider, Alex Masters, Jack Cameron

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Bare Films

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Downloads & Online Streaming: Bare Films (Staxus), See also:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech, with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Bare Films: Face It
Bare Films, Face It

Jessie and Jake wake up in bed and immediately start kissing and caressing each others bodies, Jake licks Jessie's nipples and body returning now and then to kiss him, whilst stroking on his bulge, till the moment where Jake pulls down Jessie's briefs revealing his cock which he immediately starts to suck and lick his balls....

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Also available from Bare Films: Young & Horny
Bare Films, Young & Horny

Some people just love hair, as is the case for Daniel, who confesses his love for long haired guys as seen in this scene, Daniel sucks and jerks Steves cock, whilst playing with his hair. Steve too get's his hair share of cock, as Daniel has him kneel to suck him off, before going down to perform some fantastic rimming. It goes without saying that Daniel truely loves to ride Steve's cock as both the boys moan in pleasure as they both have fun in this riding position.

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Also available from Bare Films: Summer Fuckin'
Bare Films, Summer Fuckin'

Summer Time is the best time! Specially for all of our cute fuckers, who can't wait to get inside each other and end covered in cum. This is the case of Luce at the hands of Rick Palmer who literally can't wait to try Luce's hole, and is eager to rim and finger his tight hole. In the second scene Adam and Jamie who start off running naked in the garden end up kissing each other by a tree on a sunny day before going inside when it starts raining to have one hell of a hot flip-fuck...

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Also available from Bare Films: Horny Hashtag
Bare Films, Horny Hashtag

John Smith has brought us one of the sexiest download so far this year, Horny Hashtag summarizes the top 4 sexual acts that the Staxus boys are into. This is for sure a twink bareback DVD that you can't miss out on!

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