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Staxus Budget Compilation

Staxus: Ride It Big - Gay DVD

Staxus, Ride It Big

Only massive cocks allowed! See the cutest twinks around being impaled by the biggest rock hard cocks.....and they seem to love it!

Description / Review:
Scene 1: Tim Law Boxes Clever To Get Fuckin’ Hammered Round The Ring!

Cast: Tim Law and Milan Sharp
From: Cockout!, Scene 2

Staxus, Ride It Big

Boxing and wrestling have always had a somewhat homoerotic quality to them – ever since those handsome, horny ancient Greeks first tussled with each other all those years ago! – and Tim Law and Milan Sharp will only add to such rampant suggestiveness with this superb gym-based set-piece. Making the most of the opportunity to glance gloves, they commence their pert little encounter with a passionate round of sparring; before ditching their attire for a somewhat more intimate exchange. Indeed, it’s not long before both lads are rolling round on the floor with each other’s hard, rampant cocks in their mouths; before Sharp rims Law’s hungry (and admittedly well-used) ass-hole in preparation for the hard, bareback fucking to come.

Cue a close-up spectacle of frenzied, hole-pummelling fornication that sees young Law get banged about the ring in pretty much every position imagination – Sharp’s well-proportioned knob stretching the young rascal’s pucker to nigh on breaking point. No fucking wonder that both boys are soon popping their nads with typical youthful gusto – a spunk-stained spectacle that’ll have you jerking out a load (or two) in no time at all!

Scene 2: Rub-Down Becomes Bedroom Frolics Au Naturale!

Cast: Jack Cameron and Rudy Valentino
From: Super Size Me, Scene 3

Staxus, Ride It Big

We all know from previous exhibitions as to just how hyper-sexed young Jack Cameron is – how he basically lives from one hot, horny, cock-fuelled session to the next with little thought of anything else in that pretty little head of his in between – so it’s really no surprise how he reacts when he steps out of the shower to be confronted by the sight of Rudy Valentino asleep in bed and sprawled out in all his handsome glory. Before you know it, the young slut is pulling back the duvet and pulling back Valentino’s foreskin – at which moment all sense of innocence is wisely tossed out of the window and the two guys embark on an all-too-carnal foray into the world of hardcore man-to-man action.

The sight of these two sluts slurping away on each other’s knobs 69-style is certainly one definite highlight; but it’s Cameron bouncing up and down on Valentino’s cock, his own hard dick swirling round like a rotary blade in the process, that got us all hot and bothered. By the time Valentino is banging away from behind, all Cameron’s self-respect has long since vanished; as he spurts a spray of ball-juice skywards, then allows his mate to whitewash his hairy ass!

Scene 3: Sex Before The Party

Cast: Eamon August and Nick Cox
From: Bareback Bar Boys, Scene 2

Staxus, Ride It Big

Sometimes just the thought of getting down and dirty at a gay bar can get you in the mood – a predicament that Nick Cox and bottle-blond Eamon August experience together in the privacy of their bedroom. Fact is, neither of these lads could wait to slip out of their trousers for your entertainment, which explains the speed with which each of their straining cocks jump out of their pants and onto the screen – believe us, before you know it they’re taking turns to slurp up and down the length of each other’s dicks, before then sword-fighting those two knobs against each other and immediately engaging in a feisty session of 69-ing that’ll unquestionably have you reaching for your own dripping cock! Don’t blow too early, though. The sight of August’s unsheathed poker dipping into Cox’s ass is most definitely something you won’t want to miss, after all. Nor would it pay to overlook the ultimate result of such mindless fornication, as August splatters a fine wad of cream into his mate’s ass. But the coupling’s finest moment has to be Cox’s own double-digit spurt that leaves his balls totally and utterly unburdened and his hairless

Scene 4: Physio Jock-Sniffing Deep-Muscle Massage Goes All The Way!

Cast: Michael Moon, Rudy Haller and Paul Cube
From: Bare Score, Scene 3

Staxus, Ride It Big

Physical injury is the greatest threat to any would-be footballer’s career, so it always pays for a player to have a good relationship with the team’s Physio. Whether you should be quite as intimate as these two guys, however, is a professional quandary that we’ll leave you to ponder on. Suffice it to say that Paul Cube is only too willing and eager to give Michael Moon a serious deep-crotch massage whilst the smooth dark-haired boy wonder gets high by sniffing away on one of the team’s used jockstraps. The atmosphere in the Physio Room is certainly electric as these two cuties savour some serious cock-sucking antics together – but it gets even more intense when Rudy Haller stumbles upon the horny pair and proceeds to take full advantage by thrusting his aching ramrod into Moon’s mouth. Events quickly unfold from this point on, with Moon soon laid out prostrate over the massage bench so that he can be spit-roasted raw by his team-mates – a development that’ll not go unappreciated by yourselves. The ultimate highlight though is when Haller and Cube spurt all over Moon’s face – a fabulous cum-facial that’ll undoubtedly have you banging out one of your own!

Scene 5: Kinky Little White Drug-Runner Gets Stuffed By A Big Black Dominican Cock!

Cast: Tim Walker and Barrington Peart
From: Super Size Me 2, Scene 3

Staxus, Ride It Big

The reality would be the stuff of nightmares, of course, but in terms of a kinky fantasy there’s something outrageously hot about Tim Walker’s experience here. Reprimanded by a group of black soldiers, who suspect the young blond of drug-running, he’s promptly given the kind of anal inspection that’s designed to provoke total humiliation. Even worse, it’s not long before they’ve found just what they were looking for – namely, a bag of cocaine!

It’s at this point that you’d expect the authorities to reach for the handcuffs and to bundle Walker into the nearest cell; but Barrington Peart has other ideas, and immediately pulls out that thick, meaty black mamba from his sweaty crotch and proceeds to thrust it directly in Walker’s direction. Knowing that it’s a straight choice between accommodating Peart’s demands and facing a very long stretch in the slammer, the cute white boy immediately falls to his knees and begins servicing his black master’s every need.

Consequently, Walker is subjected to a lengthy session of sucking black cock, rimming black ass and (finally) taking Peart’s handsome ramrod right up his tight little ass. All nicely topped off with a sticky facial. Humiliation par excellence? Yes, naturally. But judging from the manner with which Walker spews his own wad it’s an experience he’s definitely enjoyed!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 125 mins, Year: 2014

Price: Around £20

Starring: Tim Law, Milan Sharp, Jack Cameron, Rudy Valentino, Nick Cox, Eamon August, Paul Cube, Michael Moon, Rudy Haller, Tim Walker, Barrington Peart, Devon LeBron, Keny Austin, Ennio Guardi

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Staxus

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Member site:

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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