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Staxus: Anal Breeders - Gay DVD
(3 hours, over 27 models featured)

Staxus, Anal Breeders

Some boys were just born with the insatiable need to breed; to get themselves balls-deep in some tight, welcoming hole! So whether they’re lazing by a pool or frolicking in a hay-loft, these cute lads are just obsessed with ass and the need to spread their seed! Almost 3 hours of big-dicked, cum-drenched copulation!

This title represent great value for money given the amount of quality content and running time. However, to ensure you don't waste money buying the same content twice, this compilation features scenes from the following titles:-

Description / Review:

Scene One: Sauna sex!!

From: Bareback Monster Cocks, Scene 4

Staxus, Bareback Monster Cocks

Dark haired hottie John Magiaty is joined in the sauna by stallion Adam Hanks - and both boys are soon getting hot, and not just from the steam!! Both toned young bodies get pressed against each other as they devour cock and taste every inch of pulsating dick. Both twinks have amazingly sexy butt-holes and watching them get eaten out is awesome. Magiaty gives an expert rimming to his mate, his hole twitching in anticipation. Both guys want to take as much cock as possible via some very versatile fucking and they each clearly love every moment of their encounter. Fucking like rabbits, Magiaty's hips move faster than ever, filling Hanks with his bare dick before shooting all over his gaping hole. Seeing it drip inside his pal, he then pushes his still hard dick back inside, using his spunk as lube.

Scene 2: Ronnie Badell and Ross Constanzo

From: Bareback Chalet Boys, Scene 5

Punkz, Bareback Chalet Boys

Baby it's cold outside - but that doesn't seem to bother Ronnie Badell and Ross Constanzo, whose snowy trip to the mountains takes on a decidedly raunchy flavour when they head to their hotel's dining room for a meal. Fortunately for them there's no-one else in the restaurant when their youthful urges get the better of them and Constanzo slips beneath their table to slurp on his blond-haired mate's meaty, uncut butt-picker. Moments on and Badell is pounding away at Constanzo's butt, which promptly receives a generous wad of cream in return for its accommodation of the blond lad's meat. It'd be the highlight of the encounter, were it not for the fact that Badell then takes a mouthful of erupting cream when Constanzo spurts the contents of his balls all over his mate's face!

Scene 3: Andre Shut, George Plotzen

Bareback Monster Cocks, Scene 1

Staxus, Bareback Monster Cocks

Slim, blonde Andre Shut finds the perfect employer on his travels, one with a huge dick ready and waiting for service. Cute Shut has a delicious body, tanned and completely smooth; and it's not hard to see why George Plotzen takes his opportunity to get some action when he discovers his new work-boy playing with his ass. Shut is rock solid at the thought of Plotzen's cock pressing against his bare hole and his sweet moans of sexual energy get us even harder than before. Plotzen is a rampant fucker, and once his long dick slides deep into his twink worker, he's grinding it all the way inside, pulling back and pushing forward, filling his butt full of raw hard cock! Bouncing on top, Shut soon shoots his load; and Plotzen quickly follows, covering Shut's sweet face in spunk before the young twink sucks the rest from Plotzen's aching dick, licking it clean in the process.

Scene 4: Waiting For The Third Guy

Bareback Emo Boys, Scene 6

Staxus, Bareback Emo Boys

Timothy Nixon and Joe Parkes are an impatient pairing. Scheduled to meet their pal, Nick Hansen, in an attic - of all places! - the two young scoundrels just can't resist the temptation to rip off each other's clothes and begin slurping on each other's hard flesh. It's enough to make handsome Hansen storm straight back out of the building upon his arrival - though naturally the sight of his friends feeding on hard cock stems such peevish instinct. Instead, Hansen promptly joins in the fray, thrusting his own knob-end in the direction of Nixon's all-too-willing butt-hole. Nixon, for his part, isn't truly content until not only both his mates have furiously pummelled his innards, but also each lad has blasted his face and ass with copious floods of fresh jizz. No wonder the spunk's spurting from the end of his own shaft just a few seconds later!

Scene 5: Wet Dream, Scene 2

Sauvage, Wet Dream

What else would two smooth young studs want after a bit of a swim than a rub down by young blonde Miro Benks?! No sooner has he put his hands on Drago Lembeck's body than he's down on his speedos like grease lightening. Robin Lu isn't going to be left out either and promptly face-fucks Benks; before surrendering his ass to a real raw pounding as both guys fill him up with their meat. Why, the fuck's so hard you can actually hear balls slapping against his ass, and results in a fantastic display of cum over ass and face, with continued fucking after!! Don't miss the extra poolside wank between Tomi Sem and Phill Berger that concludes this fabulous scene.

Scene 6: David Dave, Alexander Duno and Sebastian Bach

From: Boys in the Snow, Scene 2

Beau Mec Entertainment - Boys In The Snow

It's supposed to be time for lights out, but there's no way that the three buff twinks in this scene (David Dave, Alexander Duno and Sebastian Bach) are at all in the mood for bedding down for the night. Indeed, the only thing these gorgeously smooth buddies are interested in is investigating each other's thick, uncut cocks and getting their tight, young arses stretched to the max. Cue a deliriously hot three-way that sees all three pairs of balls drained of pretty much every morsel of jizz inside them - the said goo splattered effortlessly over their cute, expectant faces!

Scene 7:

From: Coming Out, Scene 3

Coming Out, SauVage

Obsessed with the toned sex-god that is Jeffery Radden, young Julien Breeze just can't resist the opportunity of having a good old wank over the guy's photo. Finding an article in a magazine which shows Radden's stunning body in all its glory, Julien begins to softly stroke his cock, getting it harder and harder until it's finally fully hard and bouncing, ready to spunk!! Feeling himself near orgasm, he pulls the picture close, before covering it in his spunk - jet after jet covering the entire magazine until his balls are fully spent and his lustful urges are finally satisfied!!

Scene 8: British barebacking threesome!!

From: Cum Fuckers 3, Scene 1

Staxus, Cum Fuckers

3 smooth young fuckers (Alex Steele, Max Duval and Chris Wright) with gorgeous thick dicks begin by teasing each other's tonsils with wet cock-heads, fucking each other's cute faces in the process. Using their tongues to lube up smooth butt-holes, these monster cocks are soon spreading open willing ass, ready for a real hard pounding. Squirting their spunk all over one lad's hole, they push the still spurting dick inside him, filling his hungry hole with fresh spunk, and getting both loads into his bowels before he himself shoots all over the faces of his two tops.

Scene 9: Science Lab Sexcapades

From: Bareback Frat Pack, Scene 1

Beau Mec Entertainment , Bareback Frat Pack

Left in charge of his classmates (Ric Jones & Robin Few), Johan Volny gets some chemistry going between all three. Cute baby-faced Few quickly becomes centre of attention, as he's stripped naked, leaving Jones and Volny to focus on getting his sweet smooth hole wet and ready for a great fucking. Close-up shots let you feel like you're almost there, as both thick, uncut cocks slam into him. Young Few gets well and truly used, fed cock from both ends, but to his credit he stays rock solid throughout, dripping with precum as Volny slides into him. Both buff young studs finally unleash streams of spunk over the twink, saturating him and his freshly fucked hole!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 180 mins, Year: 2010

Price: From around £25*

Starring: Miro Benks, Robin Lukko, Nick Hansen, Robin Few, Alec Steele, Ric Jones, John Magiaty, Joe Parkes, Max Duval, Ronnie Badell, Drago Lembeck, David Dave, Tomi Sem, Jimmy Evans, Justin Corner, Ross Constanzo, Timothy Nixon, Bill Brown, Julien Breeze, Johan Volny, Andre Shut, Adam Hanks, Alexander Duno, Sebastian Bach, Phill Berger, George Plotzen, Chris Wright

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Staxus

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and Radvideo (USA)

Download Staxus titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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*Some of the best-ever STAXUS scenes compiled on DVD!* For over ten years now STAXUS has been producing the very best gay porn with the help of some of the hottest, horniest young guys on the planet, to become Europe’s biggest and best-loved label in the biz! So come with us – literally! – as we celebrate this achievement with a fourth double-disc bonanza of a dozen of the very raunchiest, spunk-sodden escapades; featuring 27 of the most cock-crazed, arse-obsessed fuckers ever to appear in front of a camera. (2 DVD compilation Set)

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Also from Staxus: Now That's What I Call Staxus 4 (2 DVD Compilation Set)
Staxus, Bareback Butt Stretchers 2 (2 DVD set)

2 DVD Set with very hot extreme anal action! If you like your sex with a little bit of bite then you’ve definitely cum to the right place, as a collection of the hottest, horniest twinks in the biz get chance to explore their more experimental side in this double-disc classic. No plain vanilla sex in the missionary position here, folks. These lads like their action to be a little on the wild side, as a successive display of fisting, spanking, pissing, spit-roasting and double-penetrating serves only to prove.

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Open Air Sluts 3 (2 DVD Compilation Set)
Staxus, Open Air Sluts 3

2 DVD Set! There’s a definite buzz to sex in the great outdoors – the skies hanging above your heads, the fresh air on your face (not to mention your balls!) and the thought deep down that you could just be caught in the act. Rudy Valentino, Tim Law, Brad Fitt and Leo Ocean are just a few of the legendary STAXUS buddies who like their action to be unrestrained by indoor orthodoxies!

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also from Staxus: Spunk Lovin' Spit Roasters (Compilation Gay DVD)
Staxus, Spunk Lovin' Spit Roasters

Not everyone’s happy enjoying one cock at a time. Some lads just aren’t content unless they’ve got two big, aching shafts pounding away at them – one at each end of their bodies! And it’s these kind of horny, dick-crazed sluts that we celebrate here. Fresh-faced twinks like Ariel Glutton, Alex Silvers and Will Sims, who just love getting stuffed like pigs courtesy of their mates’s meaty dicks – and who always get rewarded with rich lashings of hot, sticky spunk!!

Please click here for more information or to buy

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