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Staxus: Forced Fuckers - 2 DVD set
(over 3 hours, 10 scenes, overs 20 models featured)

Staxus, Forced Fuckers

Who cares if they want it..They're getting it anyway! Fresh innocent twinks brutally taken, humiliated and forced fucked!
3+ Hours of hard pounding, many forced 2-on-1 scenes. Double disc set! Awesome 2 DVD Set! Compilation DVD

This title represent great value for money given the amount of quality content and running time. However, to ensure you don't waste money buying the same content twice, this compilation features scenes from the following titles:-

Scene 1: Cute Young Blond Gets An Arse-Full Of Cock & A Face-Full Of Cum!

From: Bare Bukkake Piss Ballers - Scene 3

Bare Films, Bare Bukkake Piss Ballers

Sometimes an innocent person can find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time – as young blondie, Kevin Gould, discovers to his intimate cost. He’s just passing through the woods, minding his own business – totally unaware that there’s a war going on and that he could be accosted by an ass-hungry soldier at any moment. Which, you’ll not be surprised to discover, is exactly what happens. One minute he’s strolling on his way, the next he’s forced into a wooden hut by a masked gunman and forced to suck cock. Needless to report, it’s a frantic, desperate scene, that sees Gould pushed to the very point of endurance. After all, being the unwilling victim of such an assault is not something that could ever be taken lightly. That said, it’s pretty clear that the fellow secretly enjoys every single moment of the encounter, not least of all when he finally yields that tight little pucker of his to his assailant’s thick, aching shaft. Like it or not, this youngster’s an undeniable dick-crazed punk – a point only reiterated when his cute little face is splattered with fresh jizz!

Scene 2: Inmate Threesome

Cast: John Paul, John Magiaty & Zack Hood
From: Bare Conviction, Scene 3

Bare Films, Bare Conviction

Inmate Threesome!! Slim toned John Paul gets a real treat when stunningly sexy officers John Magiaty and Zack Hood decide to have some fun with him. Zack has cropped hair and great facial hair, making him look extra tough; his tanned buff body is a dream come true for anyone wanting to be told what to do by a real man. Taking control, he and John M get taste every inch of each others bodies, getting John Paul to service their ever throbbing dicks. Getting John M to bend over and take two dicks from both ends, this scene is a real intense fuckfest that will leave you gagging for more!!

Scene 3: Forced Sex in the Shower Block!!

From: Raw Combat, Scene 3

Raw Combat, Raw Films

Now the dark haired narrator gets a taste of man sex for the first time. A blue eyed blond boy meets him in the shower block and whips his awesome dick out, pulling Martin face onto it as he gets rock hard. Both cocks are perfect on these smooth soldiers, so watching them suck on one another is amazingly horny and bound to get you twitching throughout. Pumping his dick into the virgin boy, you can see his thick cock pushing down his throat, getting slicked up for the raw fuck that it's about to give. Squatting over his fuck mate, Martin is at the mercy, only able to take what he's given, no matter how hard and deep he goes. His virgin hole stretched open and pounded hard, causing a huge cumshot from both soldiers who want it over their faces.

Scene 4: Dorm Sex Duo

From: Bareback Piss School, Scene 7

Dirty Fuckers, Bareback Piss School

It's the end of a long, hard day - in more ways than one! - and Eamon August and Saul Maxwell make the most of a quiet moment to go over what they've learned in their lessons. Except, of course, everything we've seen so far tells you that it's not so much books and stationery that'll be needed here as hard cocks, open mouths and hungry ass-holes. And so it proves, as the two cuties ditch their quest for human knowledge in favour of much more carnal investigations. And who the fuck can blame them? You're only young once, and who on earth would choose study over the desire to scratch the sexual itch that these two lads are currently experiencing?

Dirty Fuckers, Bareback Piss School

Cue a sordid, rampant fuck-fest that sees Maxwell taking every inch of August's thick, raw rod up his ass; before he falls to the floor and gets the entire contents of August's bladder emptied over his face. It's left to the imagination as to who will clear up the mess that ensues, but with your balls now appreciatively drained, what the fuck will you care ??

Scene 5: Forced Sex Can Be So Fucking Hot!

From: Piss My Cum Away, Scene 3

Dirty Fuckers, Piss My Cum Away

In reality, of course, no always means no, but there's still something really hot about being taken by force to be used and abused - as young Blake Reed discovers when he's given a lift in a car by two young scoundrels by the names of Will Coburn and Cole Macey. The hitchhiker thinks he's going to Prague, but how wrong can a man be. Before he knows what's happening he's got two thick, uncut cocks spit-roasting him like a fresh chicken, and it's really no wonder at all that he should spend almost the entire scene groaning and gasping for help that never arrives. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't actually cum himself, but that's not to say that he misses out on spunk. Far from it, indeed. For it's no so much tears that drip from his face as oodles of fresh sperm. Perverse, but hot as hell!

Scene 6: Forced threesome!!

From: Bareback Skate Mates, Scene 4

Sk8 M8S, Bareback Skate Mates

Catching a thief, two skaters punish him by forcing him to his knees and ramming their horny cocks into his face. They all enjoy more than they thought and it turns into a hot three-way, full of bareback fucking and spit roasting. The cute young boys have sexy slim bodies and some of the most suckable cocks seen in a long time!! Filling each others holes in every way possible, these cum hungry skaters are sure to drain your balls of every drop of spunk you have!!

Scene 7: Ashley Ryder, Adam Tremadoc

From: Abused, Scene 1

Forced to his knees in the office, super bottom Ashley Ryder gets set upon by rough stud Adam, flopping out his huge uncut cut and wedging it into Ashley's gaping mouth. Getting his ass ready for a real pounding, Ashley gets on all fours and relaxes his holes, giving Adam great access to get his tongue as deep as possible. These guys work each others butts well, before Adam plunges into Ashley, straight up to the hilt with no mercy.

Scene 8: It Was All Happening Upstairs ...

From: Bareback Emo Boys, Scene 2

Staxus, Bareback Emo Boys

Perhaps it's because he's a little bit older, but David May clearly doesn't have much time for these Emo types - a trait that quickly comes to the fore when he encounters Stephen Ash and forces the young punk to his knees. Daily prayer isn't on his mind, though. No, he wants Ash to open his mouth and start sucking his thick, uncut shaft - a wish that the youngster seems only too eager to fulfil, it must be said. Indeed, given the enthusiastic manner with which Ash engages in the enforced blow-job, it's clearly an experience that he will only be too willing to repeat again in future - fingers crossed! In the meantime, savour the sight of this young pup as he gets the contents of May's balls splattered across his lips. A deserving reward for a lad who clearly has a distinct taste for cream!

Scene 9:

From: Bare Bukkake Bitches, Scene 1

Bare, Bare Bukkake Bitches

Everyone's choice of "Mr. Right" is gonna be different, but it's clear that young Sam Sorthy likes his man to be decidedly mean and moody. Which is pretty much why handsome young stud, Damian Dickey, is just his cup of tea. Bad-tempered and not adverse to using force when the need arises, Dickey - a buff, tattooed jock - returns home to vent his frustrations on his meek, mild-mannered boyfriend. Cue a hot session of angst-driven fornication, with a passionate session of 69-ing ultimately resulting in Sorthy being fucked over the sofa. In short, a fabulously energetic start to this "bitch" themed escapade, which leaves Sorthy feeling the sort of high-octane satisfaction that only a man like Dickey can provide.

Scene 10: Soft New-Boy Gets Hard Raw Cock!

From: Raw Piss Prison, Scene 4

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, Timothy Nixon is about to discover that being the new boy in this establishment isn't much fun - especially when it involves being put in the same cell as notorious sexual predator, Zack Hood. Like it or not, the youngster is very quickly learning what his mouth and ass are for in a place like this, with Hood promptly taking charge of Nixon's rear, whilst fellow-inmate, Jerry Brand, forces his hard shaft down the youngster's throat. Hood is not without his generous side, however. Having violated Nixon with his long, thick cock, he flips the boy over so that Brand can do exactly the same! It's near-to-the-knuckle stuff, knowing how close to reality this is for so many young lads in prison, but we reckon that won't stop anyone watching this from wanking themselves off into an appreciative frenzy!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 183 mins, Year: 2011

Price: New lower price! Around £15*

Starring: Kevin Gould, John Magiaty, Zack Hood, John Paul, Martin Corvin, Jeoshua Black, Eamon August, Neil Cross, Timothy Nixon, Blake Reed, Will Coburn, Cole Macey, Chris Reed, Ashley Rahit, Dave Martin, Ashley Ryder, Adam Hall, Joe Parkes, Blake Reed, Ennio Guardi, Sam Sorthy, Damian Dickey, Jerry Brand

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Staxus

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and Radvideo (USA)

Download Staxus titles at: Homoactive (UK/EU) and Radvideo (USA)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Staxus, Backstroke Bangers

Down by the pool these smooth twinks get turned on by skimpy swimsuits and bulging packets – so of course they suck and fuck each other like crazy!

A hot 4 way in the Jacuzzi, a gangbang in the communal showers and 8 other sizzling speedo scenes! Awesome 2 DVD Compilation Set!

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Also from Staxus: Uniformed Shooters (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Uniformed Shooters

Nothing’s sexier than a hot guy in uniform – except, perhaps, a hot guy out of his uniform! A fact that’s only underlined in this double-disc, three hour epic, featuring the hunkiest, horniest collection of boys in their smartest apparel. From cops to prison officers, from guys in khaki to men in blue, these chaps are smooth and smart – but best of all, they’re all as horny as fuck! As will you be once the uniforms start to come off ...

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Also from Staxus: Extra Inches (2 DVD set - Over 3hrs long)
Staxus, Extra Inches

It's the extra things in life that count. Take these fresh and hard boys. The extra inches their massive cocks have make all the difference when they pound all the young holes they can find. It may hurt a bit, but the intense big cock pleasure makes up for that! 100% Bareback, 100% Massive cocks.

2 DVDs, 3+ Hours! - Compilation

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Also from Staxus: Cum Cravers (2 DVD set - Over 4hrs long)
Staxus, Cum Cravers

A massive cum filled double disc 4+ hour extravaganza! 39 hot twinks suck young hard cock, fuck willing tight holes and engage in pounding threesomes all with one goal: collect the fresh cum they crave so much. All bareback action...this one is a winner! (2 disc compilation DVD)

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Also from Staxus: Big Uncut Fuckers (2 DVD set - 3 Hours long)
Staxus, Big Uncut Fuckers

Awesome 2DVD pack with nothing but massive twink cock pounding fresh twink holes! Non stop bareback goodness featuring 18 barely legal boys in 12 hot scenes!

2 DVD Set, 3 Hours of banging madness!

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