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Staxus: Horse-Hung & Horny 2
(6 scene Compilation Gay DVD)

Some boys like their adventures with cock to involve dicks that are decidedly on the big side – and let’s face it, those are the lads we’ve always liked the best! Dudes who feel totally uninhibited when confronted with horse-hung, horny studs, and who know exactly what to do with every throbbing inch on offer. Caleb Moreton, Marcel Bimore and Alex Granger are just some of the oversized beauts; Tom Nutt, Chris Reed and Mike Cage just some of the size-queens who will quite literally stop at nothing to get the maximum stretch on offer!

Scene 1: Incredibly Thick Uncut Weapon Gets Put To A Threeway Test!

Cast: Dave Cook, Mike Cage, Paul Birt
From: Bare Boy Band, Scene 3

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band

He might have a penchant for playing the guitar and wearing tight leather trousers, but something tells us that the thing you'll really remember about young Dave Cook is the incredibly thick, uncut weapon that he keeps stored in his pants! Not that it stays there for very long in this scene - before you know it he's abandoned strumming the guitar in favour of a delicious session down on his organ! Believe us, this is one mighty monster that needs to be seen to be believed - and it's no great wonder that Paul Birt and Mike Cage are captivated by it from the very moment they walk in on Cook's wank session! From this point onwards adoration is very much the order of the moment, as the two newcomers take turns in worshipping the oversized phallus. And who the fuck can blame them? It's not often that you get to taste meat this tasty, after all. In the end, however, it's young Mike Cage who proves his cock-crazed credentials the most, taking the beast up his ass whilst Birt fucks his mouth! A mindless fuckfest that leaves the boy quite literally soaked in hot jizz from head to foot!

Scene 2: Moreton's Monstrous Buttpicker Ploughs Into Twink's Pert Arse!

Cast: Caleb Moreton, Nick Cox
From: Humongous, Scene 1

Staxus, Bareback Monster Cocks: Homongous

Cover-boy and leading man, Caleb Moreton, can't help but think with his cock. So it's perhaps no surprise that he whips the thick monster out of his trousers when he discovers a wank-mag whilst studying at school. Something tells you, however, that this scene was never meant to be a solo - and so it proves, when the divinely gorgeous Nick Cox enters the room and interrupts Moreton stroking his shaft up and down. It's at this point that any doubt as to Moreton's dimensions are very quickly dispelled, as Cox struggles to get that beefy rod between his lips to give it the sucking it warrants and deserves. Not that Cox is in any way lacking in the size department, as both boys enjoy a brief session of 69-ing; before Cox finally musters the balls (quite literally) to mount Moreton's monstrous buttpicker and give it the kind of riding it so badly deserves. Top marks for the horny bastard for taking every inch of hard flesh up his rump; but it isn't long before both lads are fit to burst a nut, which they each do with distinct aplomb. Mind, with balls like those hanging from their crotch it's little wonder that the results are very, very sticky indeed, with Cox's arse and Moreton's mouth equally drenched with the fruits of their very manly loins.

Scene 3: Mammoth Cocks All Round As Two "Giants" Get Awash With Boy Juice!

Cast: Alex Granger, Lex Olsen
From: Bareback Nights, Scene 4

 SauVage, Bareback Nights

With arguably two of the biggest cocks on the circuit, this magnificent warehouse pairing of Alex Granger and Lex Olsen is always destined to be a definite highlight for dick-lovers everywhere - particularly those who like their guys a little buffer than the average Prague-based twink. Granger, in particular, is every little bit the perfect manly specimen, with his trademark shoulder tattoo and a muscular frame that surely stands as testimony to time well-spent at the local gym. He also has a distinctly greedy butt-hole, which Olsen is undoubtedly only too willing and eager to take advantage of. First, however, it's Olsen's turn to ride dick, as Granger lubes his pal's pucker with spit and forces that meaty pole of his deep inside. Only after Olsen has taken every inch that Granger has to offer do the two guys swop roles, with Granger seating himself down on his partner's weapon for the sort of rutting usually reserved for mating season only! No question about it, Granger's not gonna be happy until his boy-cunt is awash with Olsen's sperm - a wish that Olsen himself is only too willing to grant, before he in turn takes a mouthful of jizz as a sign of manly appreciation!

Scene 4: Monster-Cocked Tattoo Guy Gives Blond Twink A Right Ramming!

Cast: Tom Nutt, Tatoo Boy
From: My Big Fat Monster Cock, Scene 3

Bareback Monster Cocks, My Big Fat Monster Cock

You couldn't imagine a bigger contrast: young, baby-faced Tom Nutt, who quite literally looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, and the multi-inked fucker that is Tatoo Boy (not his real name obviously!) whose body is a living, breathing homage to a life spent between the gym and the tattoo parlour. It's a combination that you might not think would ever work, but when you see these two extremes clash against the backdrop of a toilet block we think you're gonna agree it's hot, hot, hot! Whether Nutt actually realised what he was signing up to when he agreed to the scene only adds to the overall excitement of what you're gonna see - there's a couple of occasions when he glances at the camera as if to question his own logic in being there at all - but it's too late to backtrack now, and it's no time at all before Tatoo Boy's generously-sized ramrod is bashing away at his tight little asshole! Needless to say, by the time the horny stud has dumped a load down his throat and forced a boot into his face for good measure, any inhibitions (or regrets) he might have had are ancient history!

Scene 5: Pyjama Party For Two Results In A Spunk-Soaked Fuckathon For These Horny Teens!

Cast: Xander Hollis, Jaxon Radoc
From: Bareback Boarders, Scene 4

Bad Boy Boarders, Bareback Boarders part 1

Say what you like about the electronic age that we now live in, it's sure as fuck brought people closer together - as young Xander Hollis and Jaxon Radoc are only too willing and able to demonstrate in this bunk-bed suck-and-fuck-fest! In the bad old days, of course, before tablets and all the hand-held gizmos that we've learned to love, these two beauties would've sneaked a quiet wank in their respective beds and both been none the wiser.

But having both horned themselves up via their devices, Hollis and Radoc are more than confident in turning their attentions to each other - and with the kind of raging hard-on that Radoc has sprouting between his legs it's little wonder that Hollis is so keen to jump down and give it the kind of intimate inspection that it deserves. And that in turn leads to Radoc returning the compliment, before proceeding to thrust his badly swollen shaft right between Hollis's butt-cheeks!

Suffice it to say that both lads are soon tossing their pyjamas aside whilst all this is taking place; though the fact that Hollis keeps his top on throughout gives the ensuing teen-fuck an admittedly kinky edge that might otherwise be lost. Given the sheer undeniable sexiness of both lads, however, and the simple animalistic nature of their condom-free coupling, it'll take a terrifically strong constitution not to knock out a load (or three!) before both fellows pump their wads. Most notably Radoc, whose pyrotechnic cum-shot is a fitting testimony to this first-class escapade!

Scene 6: Horny Bunch Of Dick-Loving Pals Enjoy Big Cock In The Country!

Cast: Stephen Blake, Marcel Bimore, Marco Bill, Chris Reed
From: Big Bigger Biggest, Scene 6

Bareback Monster Cocks, Big Bigger, Biggest

New boy Stephen Blake may not be long out of shorts but that doesn't stop him from knowing exactly what to do when Marcel Bimore thrusts a meaty, uncut cock in his direction when they stop off in the woods for a piss. Nor does it prevent him from boasting a truly superb pole-axe of his own, which he puts to truly magnificent use when he fucks Bimore up against a tree. The arrival of Chris Reed (who, incidentally, has been busy blowing Marco Bill off whilst this has all been happening) only adds to the splendour of the occasion; with Bimore immediately finding himself being spit-roasted like a wild pig, whilst the birds chatter nonchalantly in the background. No such indifference from these young pups, however. Blake, for one, isn't content until Bimore has spurted over his face; whilst Reed empties his nads into Bimore's hungry pucker. Fabulous!

Themes: Bareback, Dark Haired, Facial Cumshot, Locker Room, Rimming, Twinks, Uncut

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 121 mins, Year: 2018 (Orginal Content 2009 - 2013)

Price: Around £20 / €25*

Starring: Marco Bill, Marcel Bimore, Paul Birt, Stephen Blake, Tatoo Boy, Mike Cage, Dave Cook, Nick Cox, Alex Granger, Xander Hollis, Caleb Moreton, Tom Nutt, Lex Olsen, Jaxon Radoc, Chris Reed

Director: Vlado Iresch, Michael Burling

Studio: Staxus

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Country: United Kingdom, Language: english

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also from Staxus: Horse-Hung and Horny 1 (6 Scene compilation)
Staxus, Horse Hung and Horny 2

Some boys like their adventures with cock to involve dicks that are decidedly on the big side – and let’s face it, those are the lads we’ve always liked the best! Dudes who feel totally uninhibited when confronted with horse-hung, horny studs, and who know exactly what to do with every throbbing inch on offer.

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Also from Staxus: Bigger By The Fucking Dozen (6 Scene compilation)
Staxus, Bigger By The Fucking Dozen

A round dozen of the very best stars of the STAXUS screen cum together – quite literally! – for a spell-binding, dick-stiffening, spunk-inducing celebration of the finest action that our lads from Prague have ever produced. From high school rebels, Dick Casey and Kris Wallace, to an all-male locker-room fuck-fest featuring Sam Williams and Jason King..

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Also from Staxus: Fucking Footballers (6 Scene compilation)
Staxus, Fucking Footballers

There are the friends who are just your friends. Then there’s the friends who you fuck around with. Finally, there’s the friends who’ll let you cream all over their face! Guys like Leo Ocean, Yuri Adamov, Xavier Sibley and Milan Sharp, who love nothing better than getting their arses stretched to the max, before allowing their mates to whitewash them right between the eyes. Leaving them totally satisfied – and literally dripping with spunk!

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