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Staxus: Brexit Fuckers 1
(2 DVD compilation set - 12 scenes)


We’ve heard all the arguments about whether Britain should be in and out of Europe – but now get ready to see a fantastic collection of Brit boys getting in and out of each other’s arses! Indeed, these lads don’t give a flying fuck about the pros and cons of the Single Market or Schengen. All they’re interested in is the next hot fuck and load of hot cum! Lads like Brad Fitt and Connor Levi, who – along with continental visitors such as Kamyk Walker – won’t be satisfied until every hole has been filled and every drop of Brit jizz has finally been drained!

This title represent great value for money given the amount of quality content and running time. However, to ensure you don't waste money buying the same content twice, this compilation features scenes from the following titles:-

Scene 1: Hot, Horny Biker-Boys Get Their Exhausts All Greased Up & Ready To Pump!

Cast: Paul Ryan, Jaye Elektra
From: Revved Up, Scene 1

Staxus Platinum, Revved Up

Is there actually anyone alive who can resist the temptations of a man in a biker jacket? Well, not these two horny bastards, that's for sure, as Paul Ryan and Jaye Elektra team up in their leathers for a sensuous coupling of gas-guzzling, hyper-octane proportions! Their co-star - for want of a better term - is a deliriously hot two-wheeled silver beauty that acts as a magnificent backdrop to the energetic cock-sucking that both lads employ in the opening few minutes; but it's not too long before both lads are very clearly in the mood for something slightly more intimate and decidedly more explicit.

Hence the scene promptly switches away from the greasy confines of a bike workshop to the cleaner, plusher environment of a nearby bedroom, where both lads are free to take a less hasty attitude to their antics. Not that that should be construed as evidence of an inferior mindset from these two beauties. Far from it, in fact! Both guys are clearly keyed up to give the erotic performance of a lifetime; and, having engaged in a lengthy session of dick-sucking, the pair are shortly gearing up for the business-end of proceedings.

Hence Elektra is soon taking every solid inch of raw male flesh that Ryan can pound in his direction, working his own over-excited dick towards an inevitable crescendo in the process. For the bike may have disappeared but both these boys are still as horned-up as fuck, and it's no surprise that they should each end up busting their balls with the kind of full-on, top-notch gusto you'd expect from dirty-minded fuckers lads their age!

Scene 2: Kamyk Walker Gives His Skaterboy Pal A Deep-Throated, Deep-Assed Pick-Me-Up!

Cast: Chase Evans, Kamyk Walker
From: Hangin', Sc.2

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'

Being a skaterboy can be real hard work sometimes - if nothing else the sheer effort involved in keeping up the act can be physically draining. So before you think our lads have it easy, spare a thought for young Chase Evans, who enters this particular scene with Kamyk Walker looking like a fellow who's ready to hit the sack rather than co-star in a porn scene! Fortunately for us all, however, he's teamed up with a young guy who knows exactly how to get a fellow in the mood even when that said dude is perhaps feeling the worse for wear.

Cue a tremendous toe-sucking extravaganza that'll have even the most reluctant of foot-fetish aficionados sensing the buzz, and which clearly gets Evans into a very different frame of mind given the boner that he soon has sprouting out of his crotch. Indeed, for those of you who don't already know, Evans boasts the kind of cock that'd quite literally make grown men weep - but which Walker actually manages to deep-throat to the root!

That particular achievement in itself is almost enough to get most of the folks watching jerking off like crazy; but there's still the sight of Evans energetically rimming Walker's ass to enjoy, not to mention seeing the young Pole taking every inch of Evans' oversized ramrod up his guts! Suffice it to say that Walker clearly savours every moment of the rigorous ass-stretching that he gets as a result, and it's little wonder that the fellow is soon squirting in all directions. But it's the sight of Evans dumping an inordinate volume of jizz over his mate's open-mouthed face that deserves greatest mention. If that doesn't work out a load (or three!) nothing ever will!

Scene 3: Cock-Crazed Super-Bottom, Cody Reed, Gets The Raw Hard Chav Dick Of His Dreams!

Cast: Cody Reed, Shaun Mann
From: Special Brew, Scene 4

Brit Ladz, Special Brew

Everyone who knows the boy will tell you just how much young Cody Reed loves hard cock - a fact that's already been proved directly to STAXUS fans on several previous occasions. So it's perhaps little wonder that Shaun Mann arrived at the shoot for this scene feeling totally chilled in the knowledge that his dick was about to get the kind of care and attention it deserves.

What's more, as quickly becomes apparent in this sordid little chav-inspired escapade, he doesn't end up being disappointed. Far from it, in fact. Once again Reed's on top-notch form for the cameras, as he feasts on Mann's knob-end with the kind of youthful gusto that arguably only a boy born on his side of town can muster. And having then indulged himself by allowing Mann to briefly return the compliment, he's soon on all fours getting fingered and fucked like the common, over-indulgent slut that he always was - and, for the record, always will be!

Little wonder that Mann looks like a guy for whom every Christmas has come all at once, as he slams into Reed's pert little ass with his handsome, raw fuck-stick courtesy of a variety of positions. Suffice it to say it's not long before Reed is blasting a fine wad of scally-cream; although it's Mann's subsequent blast that takes ultimate credit, spraying across Reed's face and leaving the fellow completely drenched!

Scene 4: Flip-Flop Fuckers Take It Raw Up The Ass Like Council-Estate Bitches!

Cast: Ethan White, Connor Levi
From: Up North, Scene 1

Brit Ladz, Up North

Some guys attract trouble wherever they go. Others, like Connor Levi, just seem to attract hot, horny guys - which in some instances can be trouble in itself! So we shouldn't be too surprised when we see the fellow propositioned at the mere drop of a hat - in this particular instance by Ethan White, who literally can't wait to get the fellow into his council flat for a sordid session of sucking and fucking Britladz-style.

In fairness to White, Levi doesn't appear to hold out any moral resistance to the invitation; and before you have chance to catch your breath (or even unzip your fly) the two twinks are smooching on the sofa like a couple of bitches in season. What's more, in no time at all the lads are pulling away their pants and engaging in a "getting-to-know-you" session like no other, feasting on each other's dicks with all the fire and energy you'd expect from boys their age.

So it comes as little wonder when, just a few minutes later, Levi's lowering his pert little ass down on his mate's pecker, riding all that delicious hardness down to White's tight balls. What may surprise is how the roles are reversed half-way through, White taking Levi's raw cock to the hilt like a pro. But the ultimate finale will be just how you expect it - oodles of pent-up jizz from both lads that leaves the horny pair looking well sticky and satisfied!

Scene 5: Horny Cross-Country Runners Stop Off For A Hot Flip-Flop Fuck In The Open!

Cast: Blake Hanson, Lewis Taylor
From: Runners High, Scene 4

Brit Ladz, Runners High

As pretty much everyone knows, regular exercise can help reduce stress and increase life-expectancy, so it's arguably in their own self-interest that Blake Hanson and Lewis Taylor take the time to enjoy a run together in the local woods. Of course, even the briefest of glances at this pair of handsome dudes should be enough to suggest that they probably get more than enough aerobic activity when they're alone together in the bedroom, but when you're this young and this horny the urge for sex can take you whenever and wherever and you simply have to go with the flow.

That's certainly the attitude that these two beauties adopt as they quickly disembark from their clothes in broad daylight and begin to feast on each other's dicks. It's almost as if they don't care who might stumble upon them so long as they get their share of raw sex; and before you know it Taylor is being taken from behind courtesy of Blake's meaty, uncut love-rod. Unwilling to miss out, Blake is soon on the receiving end of an equally demonstrative fucking, riding his mate's knob with unquestionable gusto and totally without shame.

No doubt about it, these are two of the most brazen cock-fiends you're ever likely to see; and by the time they're both taking turns to unload generous wads of jizz over each other there's every good chance that you'll have ruptured an equally fine squirt of ball-batter in appreciation. Sex in the open has rarely looked so totally uninhibited as between these raw fuckers!

Scene 6: Football Forest Fun Gets Two Brit Boys Out Of Their Kits & Into Hot Raw Suck-&-Fuck Action!

Cast: Skye Romeo, Simon De Lany
From: Bareback Attack, Scene 2

Sport Ladz, Bareback Attack

Just what, exactly, are a couple of soccer lads doing alone in the woods, dressed in their kits as if ready for a game? It's a question that may well exercise many a mind as Skye Romeo and Simon De Lany appear on screen, but who can blame the boys from taking a break from the beautiful game in order to enjoy some good old-fashioned team-bonding fun?

Not that you'll find this kind of bonding session recommended in your everyday sport manuals, but we've a deep-seated suspicion you won't be too concerned. Indeed, by the time that tattooed boy De Lany is opening proceedings by falling to his knees so that he can slurp on his mate's dick there's every good chance that you'll be way too distracted with the cock in your own hand to give it so much as the slightest thought.

A predicament that will surely only intensify when the fellow decides to give Romeo's gorgeous ramrod the kind of bareback ride a meaty beauty like that surely deserves! By this point in proceedings, of course, all pretence of being interested in football has been totally discarded - as have the shirts - but that doesn't detract from the high octane fuck that ensues, culminating in a very sticky explosion from both guys. Planting seed has never looked so kinky!

Scene 7: Skylar Blu Gets His Pipes Thoroughly Stretched & Filled By A Thick, Oversized Pole!

Cast: Skylar Blu, Jonathan Tago
From: On The Job, Scene 1

Brit Ladz, On The Job

It came as something of a surprise when we discovered that Skylar Blu was a bit of a dab-hand with a spanner and that his knowledge of plumbing was not quite as basic as one might suppose. But there's still no denying the fact that, when it comes to pipework, it's the thick meaty rods that you find hanging between other guys' legs that always catch this cheeky lad's keenest attention.

Never more so than when the cock in question is one that could almost take your eye out given half the chance, as is the case with Jonathan Tago. For this horny little mullet-boy has the kind of dick that sends a cock-whore like Blu into ass-quivering overdrive; and seconds on from seeing the said beauty Blu is down on his knees giving head like his very life depended on it. No doubt about it, our very favourite bitch is not gonna be happy until he's riding that beast for all that he's worth - a point that's underlined shortly afterwards by the speed with which you see him laid out prostrate, legs akimbo.

Blu is literally screaming out to be fucked; and it almost comes as a relief when Tago finally begins to fill every inch of the lad's shitter with rampant man-meat. What follows is a fiery, energetic, almost desperate copulation that sees Blu royally screwed in every position imaginable; before both lads empty their nads in a jizz-filled crescendo!

Scene 8: Horny Geek Deep-Throats & Deep-Fucks To Enjoy A Full-On Facial From His Mate!

Cast: Lucius York, Louis Blakeson
From: Geek Peek, Scene 3

Twink Republic, Geek Peek

Unfortunately we're unlikely to ever discover just how cute Lucius York actually is in the photo that Louis Blakeson takes of him at the start of this encounter - sadly, we never actually get to see it - but one thing we all get to appreciate early on is just what a terrific cock-sucker this blond-haired beauty can be! No half-measured fellatio from this boy, that's for sure. Faced with the sight of his buddy's swollen dick, he's soon giving the said shaft a very rigorous workout - not just with his lips (as is too often the case in porn) but with the entire depth of his young, teenage mouth! The result is a fabulous display of deep-throating that we defy anyone not to be impressed by, as he quite literally slurps on the full length of Blakeson's knob without so much as a hint of a gag! Clearly not wishing to be outdone, however, it's no time at all before the roles have been reversed and Blakeson is feasting on his buddy's cock with an equally dextrous throat.

All the same, it's arguably York who wins on points in terms of overall performance; and the fact that the lad's ass-hole is soon accommodating his mate's dick with much the same gusto only underlines the boy's position as the all-too-superior bitch! In short, the horny little bottom really does give the performance of his life here, and we doubt there'll be many who can resist yanking out a wad in appreciation. Especially when they see the young geek enjoying the fruits of all his hard-fought labours - a sticky, creamy facial!

Scene 9: Flip-Flop Soccer-Kit Fuck Gets This Locker Room Splattered With Hot Jizz!

Cast: Oscar Hart, Jesse Jenkins
From: Fantasy Football, Scene1

Sport Ladz, Fantasy Football

What goes on in the locker-room stays in the locker-room - or at least that was the case until our cameras turned up at the soccer club that Oscar Hart and Jesse Jenkins play for. For this pair of horny, kit-hugging fuckers really can't keep their hands off each other, be it before or after the game; and it's no real surprise at all that the dark-haired dudes are soon taking turns to suck cock like the complete sluts they clearly evidently are. Indeed, having exchanged heady, sumptuous blowjobs, young Jenkins ups the ante by plonking himself down on his mate's handsome ramrod so that he can grind down on the thick, meaty uncut dick for all that it's worth.

Whether the manufacturers of the bench below them ever had the notion that this would one day be the use to which their product would be put, or indeed whether the said item is strictly fit for such a purpose, are issues that do not appear to concern either lad as they proceed to flip-flop their positions. What is obvious, however, is that both guys are hot and horny for action, banging away at each other's asses for all their worth. It's raw, it's intense, and - best of all - it's exactly the kind of filth that guys like you want to see on a regular (if not daily) basis. By the time Hart's spewing the contents of his nads over Jenkin's hole you're gonna be completely drained!

Scene 10: Soft Sofa Love-In Turns Into A Hard Raw Twink-Hole Fuckin'!

Cast: Jesse Magowen, Kai Alexander
From: Y Not, Scene 1

Brit Ladz, Y- Not

Everyone's favourite Brit-boy, Kai Alexander, has always been a bit of a softy at heart - although not, it's worth noting, where his dick's involved! - so it comes as no surprise that we should catch him here, cuddled up on the sofa with Jesse Magowen. Why, the two of them almost look like the perfect picture of sweet innocence, and would continue to do so were it not for the fact that their tender smooching quickly develops into something decidedly more hardcore. The blame for that, it has to be said, lies squarely on Alexander's shoulders.

He just can't resist fondling his pal's crotch, and before you know it he's slurping up and down the meaty dick that he discovers inside Magowen's pants. What's more, it's a compliment that's eagerly returned; and before you know it relations between these two lads have so intensified that Alexander is straddled across his mate's body and is pumping his cute little ass up and down that beautifully raw cock of Magowen's.

A dick that's soon fucking Alexander's ass in a variety of positions - much to the young bottom's clear pleasure. Little wonder that the randy cock-whore is soon blasting a thick wad all over his belly; before Magowen completes proceedings by unburdening his balls over Alexander's face.

Scene 11: Blonds Have More Fun? If Nothing Else They Get More Hard Cock!

Cast: Brad Fitt, Lex Blonde
From: Bareback Innit!, Sc.3

Brit Ladz, Bareback Innit Gay DVD

Question: what does young Brad Fitt prefer? A feisty drawl on a cigarette? Or a generous slurp on some horny chav's cock? Fact is we can't exactly say for sure, but if this abandoned warehouse set-piece is anything to go by then it's very reasonable to conclude that the evidence is only pointing in one direction.

After all, no sooner has trackie-donning Lex Blond entered the room than Fitt has merrily abandoned the evil weed for a bit of good old-fashioned dick play, feasting on the aptly named Blonde's handsome, uncut ramrod for all that he's arguably worth. Not that the love of cock appears to be in any way one-sided. Given half the opportunity, Blonde's down on his knees to replicate the favour - deep-throating Fitt's straining cock right to the base!

All this cock-hungry fervour is nothing, however, compared to the flip-flop fucking that follows - Fitt banging Blonde, Blonde screwing Fitt, Fitt humping Blonde ... we guess you get the picture! These two lads just decide who's top and who's bottom - but then that only adds to the overall sense of pent-up youthful energy. All eventually made manifest by a couple of terrific money-shots that even blast the camera!

Scene 12: Butt-Stretching Toys & Then A Big Hard Raw Cock For This Horny Young Twink!

Cast: Ethan White, Cody Reed
From: A Toy Story, Scene 2

Cody Reed is a boy with an insatiable urge for something big and hard in his ass - which perhaps goes some way to explaining how he's accumulated such a fantastic array of butt-toys in his short life! But whilst an oversized dildo or a collection of anal-beads can bring temporary relief to a fellow of his particular inclination, nothing compares to the feel of a real cock - especially when it's equally generous in size and belongs to a fellow with a similarly over-stimulated libido.

Fortunately for Reed, the arrival of his mate, Ethan White, means that he has the best of both worlds here; and it's not long before White is working the lad's hole for all it's worth with the collection of toys, in anticipation of the red-raw fucking that's sure to follow. What's more, Reed - his wrists bound together in handcuffs - clearly loves every moment of hardcore attention; and by the time a real dick finally gets pushed through his sphincter he's already worked up to the max and ready for whatever his mate wants to throw his way.

Which is pretty much just as well given that White's not adverse to face-fucking the lad midway through their engagement. It's the feel of hardness in his rump that finally gets this boy off, however - White literally banging the ball-shot out of him, before spraying a generous wad of his own all over Reed's expectant face!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Gay DVD boxsets and Compilation DVDs

Running Time: 253 mins, Year: 2017 (Orginal Content 2013 - 2014)

Price: Around £27* (2 DVD set)

Starring: Jaye Elektra, Paul Ryan, Chase Evans, Kamyk Walker, Cody Reed, Shaun Mann, Connor Levi, Ethan White, Blake Hanson, Lewis Taylor, Skye Romeo, Simon De Lany, Skylar Blu, Jonathan Tago, Lucius York, Louis Blakeson, Oscar Hart, Jesse Jenkins, Kai Alexander, Jesse Magowen, Brad Fitt, Lex Blonde

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Staxus

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Country: United Kingdom, Language: english

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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